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Why House Painters use Primers before Painting? Here are 4 Reasons

Why House Painters use Primers before Painting? Here are 4 Reasons

No paint projection is complete without the use of a primer. Whether you want to apply a fresh coat of paint on a new drywall, metal, wood, or any other surface, the use of primer is highly recommended. Professional painters Pymble not just know how to use or apply a primer, but they are also aware of its advantages. Therefore, they use only the best primer products to prep the walls for a good paint job. Here’s why expert house painters use a primer before they start painting:

Primer helps Paint Adhere to the Surface:

Primer is usually applied before painting a surface because it can create a binding layer that the paint can stick to. Even when you use paint that is hard to adhere to a surface, using quality primers will be helpful. A glossy surface is a perfect example of this. With light sanding or scuffing and the application of a primer, you will notice that the paint sticks to the wall perfectly.

Seals Unpainted Surfaces:

If you are painting a surface that has never been painted before, expert painters Pymble suggest using a primer for the paint to adhere to the Surface successfully. You will see that the primer-paint combo is better than applying paint alone. This is why professional house painters often use primer when they are about to paint porous materials, such as wood or concrete. Sealing a surface is also important to reduce the number of paint coats needed to complete the job. Primers can prepare the Surface just the way you would expect.

Eliminates Odours & Stains:

No matter how many coats of paint you apply on a surface, the stains can show up at certain spots. This is also applicable for odours. Using a quality primer product will prevent the odours and stains from bleeding through a layer of paint. This is particularly important for areas with moisture, including kitchens and bathrooms.

Enables Vibrant Display of Colours:

If you choose a paint colour that is either very dark or very bright, professional house painters Pymble urge you to prep the Surface using a primer first. By doing so, you don’t have to go through the ordeal of applying multiple coats of paint anymore. Just choose a primer colour that’s good enough to produce the best results. Grey is typically a good primer colour for those intending to apply extremely colourful paints on the walls.

Contact a qualified team of house painters who knows the ins and outs of priming and painting a property. Good painting services Pymble will prepare a surface by priming and sealing it, after which they will go ahead with the painting process to transform your vision into reality!

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