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    Expert Line Marking and Strata Painting Services in Sydney

    Brushworks has been providing premium line and strata painting solutions for over 30 years. Based in Sydney, NSW, our professionally accredited and highly experienced team take pride in delivering results for our clients that consistently exceed industry standards. Well planned and painting strata and commercial line marking means optimal traffic flow, parking organisation and safety, whilst ensuring that your property looks ordered and professional. If you’d like to have a detailed conversation about how we can help you out with this sort of project, get in touch with us!

    Specialised Line Painting Services

    Our technicians specialise in providing personalised strata and commercial line marking solutions, across a wide range of environments. Depending on the area in question, different requirements and regulations will apply. Some examples of the wide range of different markings include designated disabled parking spaces, zebra crossings, loading zones, pathways and much more. It’s crucial that these lines are clearly laid out and in compliance with your regions regulations and laws. We can coordinate with you to ensure that you have the required markings installed clearly and precisely, with premium grade paint to ensure durability and visibility.

    Enhanced Aesthetics and Organisation

    High-quality line and strata painting ensures that your property looks, feels and operates in an organised, professional manner. It helps people on or traveling through your property feel safe and secure, knowing that all necessary regulations are being upheld in a clear, precise manner. It also lends a sense of credibility to commercial buildings and strata complexes. Here at Brushworks, we’ve provided tailored line painting solutions for a large number of clients, across a wide range of property types and environments. Check out just a few of the amazing reviews that we’ve received from these clients here:

    “We just had Nick and his team doing a make good on our large industrial Warehouse & Offices. Nick inspected the property on the same day that I requested a quote, he was confident and professional. The quote was emailed on the same day, the price was very reasonable. Nick and his team turned up 2 days later to do the work, it was evident from the moment that they started working that they were a professional outfit, the work has now been completed and I couldn’t be happier. I would highly recommend Brushworks Painting to anyone with a painting project.” – Paul Verheyden

    “I am a project coordinator and use Brushworks for many painting/plastering works. All our clients are very happy with they leave site. Can’t recommend them enough, if I could give them 6 stars I would.” – Jason M

    The experience, skillset and specialised equipment means that the Brushworks team should be your No.1 choice when you need a professional line and strata painter. Whether you need a zebra crossing, a pedestrian pathway or something else entirely, you can trust us to get the job done. We’ll make sure that it is clearly visible, aesthetically pleasing and serves to improve the organisation and safety of your building. Get in touch with us to enquire about these services by contacting us online, emailing us at info@brushworks.com.au or giving us a call on 0401 533 408!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What happens if my residential painting is peeling and cracking?

    Peeling and cracking of residential paint occurs due to various reasons. Depending on the severity of the peeling and cracking, your house painters Sydney recommend repainting. When these issues are left unattended, there are chances that the unpainted wood may deteriorate and need replacement. Most of the damages caused by the loose paint go unnoticed and continues to worsen if proper remedies are not taken.

    Should I prepare any surface before the painters come to my house for painting?

    No, it’s not necessary! Our house painters Sydney will do the required surface preparation and other prep works needed. It’s always best to leave the work to the professionals than considering a DIY. We have years of experience in the industry, and we know what type of preparation works needed for your project and get them done on time without disrupting your work.

    How many coats of paint do I need on my house?

    Generally, one coat of paint is sufficient for interior house painting Sydney. However, an additional coat of paint is required for colour changing. For instance, switching to light or darker colour needs more coats for coverage only. But, keep in mind over-applying paint can cause cracking and peeling.

    How Do You Determine the Cost of My Residential Painting Project?

    Our team considers a number of different factors when determining the cost of residential house painting projects, including:

    Size of the painted area
    Type of painting (interior, exterior or both)
    Type of paint used
    Number, type and size of windows and other trim work
    Number and intensity of paint colours
    Amount of surface preparation required
    We’ll provide a detailed quote before commencing any work so you know exactly what to expect.

    How Many Coats of Paint Do I Need on My House?

    For most interior home painting jobs, one coat of paint is generally sufficient. In some cases, multiple coats may be needed with switching from darker colours to lighter ones for more coverage. Ideally, we want to limit the number of coats as it can lead to peeling and cracking.

    What Areas Do You Work In?

    Our head office is in the Hills Shire with our expert painting team commonly servicing Castle Hill, North Shore and surrounding areas. Our interior and exterior house painters all throughout Sydney when possible. Reach out to our team to see if we service your region.


    How Long Do Your Painting Jobs Typically Take?

    Our team can typically complete paint services for homes in less than 5 days. This can vary depending on the size of the job/number of rooms that need to be painted, weather conditions and the types of surfaces getting painted. Once we discuss your particular residential house painting project, we can provide you with a more specific timeline.



    I am not sure about the paint colours I want. Can you help me?

    Yes! Our residential painters Sydney will help you in choosing the right paint colours for your home and also provide you with paint colour samples. Our painters are colour experts and recommend you the right colour combination for your house interior and exterior and make your home stand out from the rest in your community.

    Can I paint my home interior myself?

    Many people consider DIY for interior house painting to save money. But people lack experience, and when it isn’t done right, it will result in additional expenditure. When your hire professional interior painters Sydney, they will provide a superior painting job that’s completed within a given timeframe. You don’t have to stress yourself, and they will take care of everything to provide quality service and timely results.

    Do you clean up after painting?

    Yes! We will clean up after our painting service. We remove all the paint tins, residue, paint brushes, drop sheets and all rubbish generated from our painting project, and the only thing we will leave is the best quality finish on your walls and ceilings.

    Do You Offer a Warranty?

    Yes, Brushworks offer a 5 year workmanship warranty across all our paint services for homes. It’s part of our commitment to complete the project to perfection the first time around, something we achieve through careful planning and expertise backed up by decades of experience providing interior and exterior painting in Sydney.

    What Paints Do You Use?

    Our residential house painting experts focus on selecting premium quality paints from leading brands like Dulux, Wattyl and Taubmans suitable for each specific application. This includes weatherproof products for exterior painting in Sydney, suited to the local subtropical and temperate coastal areas throughout the city. We also use mould resistant paint for bathrooms and laundries.

    Can I Paint My Home Interior Myself?

    DIY interior home painting is a popular option for homeowners, but it can cost more money than it saves without the right experience. By choosing our professional interior painters, you can ensure the job is done properly within a specified timeframe with a warranty backing up the expert workmanship.

    Do You Offer Free Quotes?

    Yes, we certainly offer free quotes for all our residential painting projects. Simply call us or contact us online and we’ll get in touch to arrange a free consultation, measurement and detailed quote with no obligation to move forward.

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