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The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Paints for Your Interior

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Benefits of Eco-Friendly Paint Brands for Your Sydney Home Interior

Discover the benefits of using eco-friendly paint to beautify your home and contribute to a more sustainable future with Brushworks Painting and Maintenance. With over 30 years of experience working with all types of paints and brands, our expert team can talk you through some of the benefits of choosing a greener paint option. In this blog, we also explain some of the eco-friendly paint brands and types available. Contact one of our friendly team today for a competitive quote.

Why Choose Eco-Friendly Paints

There is a variety of eco-friendly paint brands you can choose to paint the interior or exterior of your home, but why should you choose eco-friendly paint for your project? Brushworks Painting and Maintenance explains.

It’s Better for the Environment and for People

Eco-paints are typically more environmentally friendly way than regular paint brands. We know that manufacturing eco-friendly paints creates fewer fumes and emits less toxic waste by using alternative power methods, such as solar. Eco-friendly paints also contain biodegradable elements, which makes them safer during the disposal process. When you hire our Sydney painters, we will offer you the finest eco-friendly options.

It Gives You a Better Sustainability Rating

Using one of our Sydney painters to use eco-friendly paint can earn your home a Green Star rating from the Building Council of Australia. If you own a commercial property, this rating shows that you want to reduce your impact on the environment, which can help you find more tenants.

You Can Reduce Your Costs

Eco-friendly paint brands are typically more expensive compared to other types of paint, but they are usually better quality. Eco-paints retain their colour and weather resistance, which allows them to last far longer than regular paints, so they’re a smarter investment in the long term.

Different Types of Eco-Paint

Read on as our experienced house painters explore the different types of eco-friendly paints available to you.

Water-Based Paints

This type of eco-friendly paint breaks down more easily than other types and comes from biodegradable components. It contains fewer chemicals and doesn’t affect the quality of the air as much as other paints.

Plant-Based Paints

Plant-based paints derive from natural elements like plant extracts, beeswax, clay and resins and have no odour. This is an ideal choice of eco-friendly paint for both residential and commercial painting in Sydney, because it’s safer for people with allergies or sensitive skin, as it has almost no adverse effects on the environment or on people.

Low VOC Paints

The ‘VOC’ in ‘Low-VOC’ stands for Volatile Organic Compounds, which are fumes released by paint when it dries. High volumes of these fumes release higher carbon emissions and can cause harmful respiratory and skin conditions if you use them indoors without proper ventilation. Paints with lower VOC are a much safer option for both you and the environment. They also dry fast, which can make them difficult to apply, so contact our team of expert house painters for a professional finish.

If you’re interested in learning about eco-friendly paints and if they’re the right choice for your Sydney home, contact Brushworks Painting and Maintenance for expert residential and commercial painting in Sydney. Call us on 02 8381 0420 or contact us online for a competitive quote.


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