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Say Goodbye to Mould: Effective Removal Techniques

Mould removal by brushworks

Effective Mould Removal Techniques for Your Sydney Home

If you suspect there is mould growing in your home, the expert team at Brushworks Painting and Maintenance can help you through the process of mould prevention and cleaning. Our painters are specialists with over 30 years of experience providing mould removal and painting services in Sydney at a competitive rate. In this article, we outline some techniques you can use to prevent mould from growing, explain how to remove it and identify some of the potential health risks. Contact us today and speak to one of our friendly team about how we can assist with your commercial or residential painting and maintenance needs.

How to Prevent Mould From Growing

Preventing mould from appearing is a far easier task than removing it after it’s taken hold. Vacuuming, dusting and cleaning your home regularly can help prevent mould growing as a result of moisture and food crumbs. Your kitchen and bathroom are the most common places you’re likely to find mould. Leave on your exhaust fan in both areas and leave a window open to help ventilate the areas. The Brushworks Painting and Maintenance team is also mould removal specialists and we can help identify areas of risk in your home and help you prevent mould from appearing.

How to Clean Mould

There’s a variety of ways our painters in Sydney can treat mould, such as:

Detergent and Soap

If you find mould on your floors, walls and tiles, you can use a mild detergent and a microfibre cloth to remove it. After you’ve completed the mould removal, make sure you dry the area thoroughly to prevent mould from returning.

White Vinegar

You can try using white vinegar to clean mould, applying and wiping with a microfibre cloth. Vinegar is a strong, non-toxic acid that has strong anti-microbial activity and is safe for the environment. If you think the mould requires professional input, feel free call our painters in Sydney to help.

Call Your Landlord or a Professional

If the mould in your home is too unsafe to deal with yourself, contact your landlord if you’re renting. Homeowners are encouraged to hire professional Sydney painters to deal with the problem. Leaving mould for too long can lead to long-term respiratory issues, so it’s best dealt with as soon as possible.

Diluted Bleach or Commercial Cleaners

If the problem persists through your attempts to clean it with basic products, you may require stronger commercial products. Stronger products may harm your skin and eyes, and aren’t always safe for the environment, so call our expert Sydney painters to help clean it properly and safely.

Safety First

You need to be careful and use the right tools and products when you’re cleaning the mould in your home. Using a dry brush to scrape away mould can spread spores to other areas of your house and cause health risks, such as triggering an allergic reaction. Strong commercial mould cleaners often contain bleach or chlorine, which can cause respiratory harm and damage clothing. We offer expert painting services in Sydney, as well as dealing with mould, safely using the correct products and tools in your home.

If you require mould removal and painting services in Sydney, contact Brushworks Painting and Maintenance. We provide expert work at a competitive rate. Contact us online or call 02 8381 0420 and speak to one of our friendly staff today.

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