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The Importance of Roof Repair: Protecting Your Investment

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Roof Repair and Painting Services to Protect Your Sydney Investment

Discover the importance of roof repair and maintenance with Brushworks Painting and Maintenance in Sydney. With over 30 years of experience performing repairs and painting services on Sydney homes, our expert team understands the significance of maintaining a roof to protect your property. In this article, we explore some causes of roof damage and outline our roofing services. Call one of our friendly staff today to request a competitive quote.

Causes of Roof Damage

Damage can occur to the roof of your home for a variety of reasons, including:

Poor Installation

If your roofing was incorrectly installed, you might notice leaks in your home or noises coming from your roof. Our team of painters in Sydney is qualified to repair and maintain your roof ensure it lasts, all covered by a guarantee.

Severe Weather

Weather events such as storms, hail and high winds can dislodge tiles and dent corrugated iron. After this kind of severe weather, you need to perform an inspection or call one of our expert roof inspectors to check for damage and our house painters will help get your roof back to normal.

Lack of Maintenance

Because your roof is generally out of sight, it’s easy to forget that you need to check it for wear and tear. While we are renowned for our expert painting services in Sydney, we are also qualified to perform a detailed inspection of your roof, so hire us if you’re unsure what to look for.

Signs of Roof Damage

There is a variety of issues our Sydney painters can identify that indicate a damaged roof, including:

Damaged Shingles

Extreme weather events and long-term aging can cause lifted, creased or missing roof shingles. Our Sydney painters can inspect your roof to spot any misshapen or missing shingles.

Damaged Flashing

The roof flashing is a metal or plastic strip that seals the joints between the part of your roof. Flashing damage that is not fixed can result in leaks and more extensive damage from wind.

Leaks and Water Damage

If your roof is leaking, your flashing and shingles might have been damaged or you might have clogged gutters. Unresolved water infiltration can often cause damage to the internal structure of your home. The longer this is left untreated, the more costly it becomes to repair.

Sagging Roof

If you have structural issues in your roof, the weight from debris, such as snow or hail, can cause your roof to sag. This can lead to expensive repairs or even a roof replacement if the damage is severe, so it’s important to get an inspection from one of our house painters to inspect your roof.

How We Can Help You

Our expert team of painters in Sydney can provide you with an assessment of your roof and any repairs necessary at a competitive rate. Our commitment to quality work and service is our top priority and our experienced painters can perform maintenance on any type of roof.

If you need roof maintenance and painting services in Sydney, contact the expert team at Brushworks Painting and Maintenance. You can contact us online or call 02 8381 0420 to speak with one of our friendly team today.

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