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Painters Pymble

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    Do you need painting services in Pymble? We are a reliable painting company with extensive experience in the paint industry and experienced painters in Pymble. We can give a fresh look to any building and we take on different jobs, be it big or small.

    Our focus is on quality and customer satisfaction and so far we have been successful in achieving that. Many of our past clients will attest to the fact that our painting services Pymble are impressive. Time is something everyone needs to use wisely and that is why we also set realistic timelines and stick to them so that we do not hold up any of our client’s business or life.

    With our competent team of painters Pymble, we have been able to take on commercial painting projects that include restaurants, shops, offices, schools as well as churches. We have the right equipment to enable us to do the job perfectly and on time. Whether you need the roof painted or the basement, we can reach the area and do a great paint job.

    painters pymble

    For our clients who may not be sure which colours would be best for their building, we come with colour samples for them to look at and choose. We also give advice on which colours would be best for particular areas, for example having soft colours for the bedroom that will induce sleep much faster.

    When it comes to price, we provide our painters services Pymble at a reasonable rate. We believe in providing value for money so, at the end of it all, it will be money well spent.

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    Call us today and schedule an appointment with our expert painters in Pymble who can come to the site and see what it is you want to be done. We can also give you a free quote with no strings attached.


    What about the paint? How is it selected? What kind is used?

    Each project is different, which is why we like to see your project in person and help determine your needs. Some have higher sheens, which might help it dry harder and be better for doors or railings. Some products are washable and could be used for those with younger kids or in high traffic areas. Our painters in Pymble will work closely with you to determine the right product for your property.

    Are more expensive paints better?

    The general rule is that you get what you pay for. Our experience also shows us, however, that the right applicator or the experience of the house painters in Pymble can make all the difference.  Most of the cheap or inexpensive paints don’t last as long, aren’t as scrub or burnish resistant, or simply don’t cover well. So we will suggest the best products based on your specific needs.

    Our house paint begins to peel and fade. How can I make it last longer?

    There could be many reasons why your house paint have peeling and fading issues.

    • Peeling can happen for a variety of reasons, but is most likely linked to moisture intrusion. Moisture is getting behind the paint film somehow and is being drawn out by the Sun, causing it to peel. We usually see peeling on the south and west sides of the house.
    • Fading is usually due to exposure to the Sun’s UV rays. Less expensive paints with lower quality resins tend to fade quicker, or when there is less paint film applied (like one coat instead of two).

    When we come out and give you a written proposal, our professional painters in Pymble help you troubleshoot the issue.

    How many coats of paint will my house need during painting services in Pymble?

    It depends on the project, but generally, we recommend two coats. First, you want enough coverage to even out the wall surfaces where damage, repairs and imperfections cannot be completely concealed. Second, two coats will provide you with a more scrub-resistant, long lasting finish.

    Why does the painting estimate quote vary based from company to company?

    Every business has their own methods for estimating a project, as well as their own overhead and costs. The following questions will hopefully help you narrow down differences in painting bids.

    • Are they using the exact same products?
    • Are they doing the same number of coats?
    • Are they doing the same preparation and/or repair of the surfaces?

    We are happy to help and would appreciate the opportunity to ensure we didn’t miss something in our proposal. In our meeting, we will inspect your premises, take photos and measurements. We will email you a professional quotation with upfront pricing within 48 hours. This includes all preparation and detailed quotation including all our insurances and licences and time frame to complete works.

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