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    Commercial Painting

    Looking for ways to give your office or building a new look? Are you searching for ways to improve the overall appeal and value of your property? Look no further as Brushworks Painting & Maintenance is here to help. As one of the leading commercial painters Sydney, we have a team of highly experienced and dedicated professional painters available to handle all types of commercial painting.

    Our team understands the importance of choosing the paint colour and product, especially in a commercial space, to ensure it not only reflects your brand but also helps in creating the perfect look for your commercial building. It is our primary responsibility to help you select the right product to make sure your premises stand outs and is pleasing to your customers whilst ensuring the product withstands the harsh Australian climate.

    As one of the top commercial painting contractors Sydney, Brushworks Painting & Maintenance can update the look the interior and exterior of commercial space. We ensure to deliver a high standard of paint work to give your commercial building the professional touch it needs. Not only will we fix every mark and dent, these cosmetic improvements to your commercial property will improve its market value for many years to come.

    No job is too small or large, we will help all types of businesses make the important first impression to customers. We ensure we work hours suitable for you with minimal disruption to your business, so that we complete the job in the quickest time possible – without of course compromising on quality.

    Brushworks takes pride in using high quality and innovative paints. We work with the best branded paints in the market such as Dulux and Taubmans paints, and use our experience to assess your different commercial needs. We have advanced coatings, oil-based paints, aqua-based paints and many more. We can explain the benefits of each type of paint and help you choose the best one for your commercial building.

    To make sure we deliver the best service possible, our commercial painting contractors Sydney will inspect your premises first, make some important measurements and then take photos for reference. After that, we can give you advice on what would best fit your premises free of charge.

    A commercial painters Sydney supervisor will be assigned to oversee each project to ensure high quality results. They will project manage, execute and ensure the quality of each job. To deliver the right quality and service, all important aspects of the job will be liaised and communicated to the client. After each projects completion, we ensure the premises will be left in a tidy manner. To top it all off and for peace of mind, we offer a 5-year workmanship warranty on all completed jobs.

    Aside from commercial painting, Brushworks also offers other painting and maintenance services to our clients. These include residential painting, strata painting, graffiti removal, mould removal, roof repairs and plastering.

    Why choose Brushworks over other leading commercial painting contractors?

    As one of the leading commercial painters Sydney, Brushworks maintains a high level of quality and professionalism in every project. We value honesty and take safety as a very serious matter. By giving your interiors a new paint job, we believe that it can boost the morale not only of your customers but also your employees. This can improve concentration and mood for better productivity and creativity. Our commercial painting work can also increase the lifespan of a property by protecting it from Australia’s sun exposure, heavy rain and other weather elements.

    Our services we provide ensure your building complies with Australian Industry Standards and regulations. To ensure the health and safety of your employees and customers who enter your building, we use eco-friendly paints to protect them from exposure to harmful chemicals that are usually found in some of the older and cheaper paints.

    So if you need professional commercial painters Sydney for your building, office or any commercial space, contact us and we will share with you our expertise. More importantly, you can enjoy many benefits such as a better working environment, increased property lifespan, greater property value and enhanced visual appeal. This means more returning customers and happier clients for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you offer a warranty?

    Yes, we offer a 5-years workmanship warranty on all projects completed by our commercial painters Sydney. We will assign a supervisor to oversee your painting work throughout the project to ensure high-quality results. We do proper planning, manage, and execute the project to make sure that nothing is left unattended. At Brushworks, we complete the work to its perfection the first time itself. In some cases, if you aren’t satisfied with our service, we will return to do it again for you.

    How do you determine the cost for your painting project?

    When determining the cost for your painting project, commercial painting contractors Sydney look into the following factors.

    • The type of the painting
    • The size of the painted area
    • Type of windows and other trim work
    • Number and intensity of paint colours
    • The quality of the paint used
    • The extend of surface preparation

    What do you prefer? Oil or Latex

    Our commercial painters Sydney prefer latex paints over oil-based paint because they are more environmentally friendly. There are no paint fumes that could bother the occupants. Moreover, the latex finish is superior to oil-based paint and will stay elastic for years.

    Why should I hire commercial painting contractors?

    Commercial painting is complex, and a DIY isn’t going to work out. When you hire commercial painting contractors Sydney, we will take care of every aspect of your project, and you can concentrate on running your business. Moreover, professional painters will even come outside of work hours to perform the job without interrupting your regular working hours. We have years of expertise, and this means your jobs will be done with perfection. Before the beginning of the project, we will prepare the surface to ensure a quality finish.

    When should I paint my commercial property?

    The harsh Australian climate can greatly affect the appearance of your commercial building and how it looks. The exterior of your business has a vital role in gaining new customers and keeping them. When the exterior of your business is shabby and faded, it will prevent many people from coming in for business. So, sprucing up the exterior of your business with commercial painting is one of the best ways to attract new customers.

    You can consider hiring commercial painters Sydney when there is fading, cracking, blistering or chalking. When left unattended, these failings in your paint can cause damages to your exterior surface, and those damages can lead to expensive repairs. So, get your paint touched up regularly to avoid any issues.

    What type of paint do you use?

    As one of the leading commercial painting contractors Sydney, we use high quality and eco-friendly paint that is beneficial to your workspace and environment. We work with the best-branded paints in the market, such as Dulux and Taubmans paints, and use our experience to assess your different commercial needs. We have advanced coatings, oil-based paints, aqua-based paints and many more. We can explain the benefits of each type of paint and help you choose the best one for your commercial building.

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