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Three Things to do before Painting Your House’s Exterior

Three Things to do before Painting Your House’s Exterior

Is it time for you to repaint your home? Repainting is highly recommended to keep your house in good shape. If you prefer DIY rather than hiring painters Chatswood, you already know that preparation is critical. Before even holding the paintbrush, some preparatory works needs to be done to get the best results possible. Wondering what they are? Find out below:

Step 1: Clean the Walls

Cleaning is one amongst the underappreciated aspects of any paint job, particularly when it comes to exterior work. Your home’s outside collects a variety of particles, whether it’s dust and grime build-up, or even moss in some cases. Painting on an unclean surface will not yield the expected results, so it will only waste your time and effort in the end.

Initially, you must clean your home’s exterior using a sponge and warm soapy water, which removes the dirt and grime. If you find mould, you will need more effort. Using a bleach is ideal to get rid of the same. Many skilled painters Chatswood like to utilise advanced tools such as high-pressure cleaners for the perfect clean.

Step 2: Sanding the Surface

If you’re painting on an old, flaky, or dingy surface, be sure to clean it thoroughly before starting. If the surface is really filthy, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned first before being painted over. Also, if the wall isn’t too bumpy or cracked, it’s worth giving it a quick sanding. Otherwise, the painting will be uneven and the result you get won’t be as appealing as expected.

If your walls are in terrible shape, you may notice cracks and other imperfections. As a result, you’ll need to use a filler to close the gaps as much as you can. This will possibly create a uniform surface, considering you execute the technique well. Any hardware shop sells fillers, but it is always ideal to hire qualified house painters Chatswood to do the work.

Step 3: Prime before Painting

Priming is typically recommended for nearly all painting projects, especially if you’re using a new colour. Some outdoor surfaces, such as wood, may be able to provide the necessary adhesion for the paint to evenly distribute itself. If you skip priming while painting your home’s exterior, you risk getting a patchy, unattractive result. Unless you apply a primer coat, never start a paint project. Expert painters will never skip this part when they are handling the job.

Different primers are available for you to choose, so research and ensure you are purchasing the right one that’s suitable for the surface. When you hire painting services Chatswood, they will already know what’s the right product for your property.

Remember to schedule your paint job ahead of time. Select a day for the project to get done, and bear in mind that unless you’re a professional, it will most likely take longer than you expect.

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