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Painters Chatswood

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    Add classy or vibrant colours to your home with a coat of fresh paint. Our experienced painters in Chatswood have helped many homes and business owners transform the look of their premises. You might imagine that it is just a matter of buying paint and then applying it to the wall, but the moment you try that, you will realise it may be more technical than that.

    It is best to let the professionals provide painters Chatswood services for you. Hiring a professional saves you money in the long run because you don’t have to deal with and the paint applied will last longer.

    We are a team of well-equipped local painters who value the customer above all else. Our painters Chatswood take the time to get to know what exactly you would like done and we will go about it professionally. We also have colour charts that we can provide you with so you can choose the exact colours that you want.

    Painters Chatswood

    High Quality Residential and Commercial Painters Chatswood Services

    When providing painting services Chatswood, we ensure that we prepare the area properly. For example, if we are painting a house, we will cover the furniture and the floors with a special material that will prevent paint from staining the surfaces.

    We will also explain to you what the composition of the paint is so that if you might be allergic or opposed to any of the chemicals, we can choose another type of paint. For the environmentally-cautious client, we use water paint which is friendly to the environment.

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    So if you are thinking of getting your home or office painted, give us a call and let us talk about what we can do for you. We also offer free quotes so book today and find out how much it will cost you.


    How often my home’s exterior should be painted?

    Most of the home owners have a repaint cycle of about 5 to 7 years. But it’s a great idea to walk around the exterior of your home every during Spring and Fall to look for any damages such as cracking caulk, peeling paint, or splitting wood. If you can get to these minor areas before they become major, you’ll save a lot of money in the long run. If it’s time for your home to be repainted, you can hire Brushworks Painting & Maintenance P/L. Our house painters in Chatswood have many years of experience in this field and so we will provide complete satisfaction with your project.

    How many coats of paint do I really need on my home?

    A couple of factors effect this decision. On the exterior we use a very thick primer and top coat of the highest quality paint. If you are choosing the same colour or just a shade off then one coat of each will cover just fine. If the colour is going to change dramatically then our painters in Chatswood use 2 coats of exterior paint. Stain jobs are two coats unless you insist on just one and the wood isn’t very dry. We occasionally will do two coats on the sunny side of the house and one elsewhere but normally we encourage you to use two coats.

    Will the painters in Chatswood clean up the mess after the work is done?

    Most painting projects do, in fact, get a little messy. We understand the inconvenience it’s causing you, with your furniture moved, drop cloths, and plastic hanging all over, etc. We do our very best to minimize the disruption to your everyday life, and get out of there as quickly as possible. We are fanatics about cleaning up after ourselves every day we are on site, and especially when we are all done. We want you to start enjoying your newly transformed space right away.

    When is primer needed during house painting?

    Primarily, primer is designed to seal up porous surfaces to make it ready for paint. There are various reasons why primer would be needed on a house painting project. Primers come in all different flavours though some are specially designed for blocking out stains, some are fast or slow drying, others go on heavy to fill in cracks or crevices. Anytime you have bad stains, bare drywall or wood, we have to use a primer.

    How do I choose the right exterior paint colour?

    Paint manufacturers have colour fan decks that group exterior colours together or you could simply hire us and we’ll help you finding the right exterior paint colour during our painting services Chatswood. Most people start out by looking at their existing neighbourhood or others close by to look for inspiration. There may be elements of your house you won’t be changing such as brick, stone, or other architectural items. The roof colour/texture on the home is also a factor in which colour to pick. Contact us to discuss about the paint colour.

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