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The Importance of Proper Surface Preparation for a Long-Lasting Paint Job

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Although painting may appear simple, much planning and organisation are required before you even pick up a brush. You may be among the few who understand the need for thorough surface preparation. 

Surface preparation is crucial for exterior and interior painting because it is a great approach to ensure long-lasting results. Like in walls, while it’s true that it costs money, skipping this step might have far more costly effects than the paint job itself. 

If a surface is not correctly prepped for painting, what problems might arise? 

  • It will be challenging to apply the paint.
  • Stains and surface imperfections will still be evident through the paint.
  • It will begin to peel.
  • Streaks will appear on the wall where dirt and other contaminants have settled.
  • You’ll see cracking caulk and flaking paint.

Painting sooner that you expected after spending money on the materials is not something you’d want. What’s involved in proper surface preparation for a long-lasting paint job?

1. Area clearing

You must cover the surrounding area to prevent paint drips or splatters from ruining your property. Before you begin anything, you must clear out and strip a few things first. It can be stuff like furniture, appliances, containers etc.,

2. Remove old paint

Painting an old property does not mean you should cover the old one. Although it is not always necessary to strip away the old coat of paint before applying the new one, if the old coat is chipping and flaking, you will need to remove the loose paint before applying the fresh coat.

3. Fix faulty areas

It might not be that obvious before, but there can be holes in your walls that you overlooked. Sanding the entire surface to a uniform smoothness is necessary. By sanding, it can make the filler smooth, and it removes the remaining layers of peeling paint.

4. Priming

It is a step that allows that paint to adhere better to get that smooth finish on your walls. It’s ideal if you’re painting over a dark colour, replacing wallpaper, painting stained walls, or using oil-based paint. 

5. Invest in the right people and paint

If you choose high-quality paint, the surface will be uniformly smooth and endure for years. Short-term cost savings are questionable when considering the increased frequency with which it will need to be repainted. The same goes for painters in Sydney. Make sure you hire a professional team that has been in the industry long enough.

The importance of proper surface preparation for a long-lasting paint job because the coating will look better, last longer, and provide better protection for your asset if applied to a clean, primed, and ready-to-take it. 

Put your trust in Brushworks Painters to get the job done well. We have extensive experience with surface preparation, having completed numerous required painting tasks both for residential and commercial properties. We have a comprehensive range of services that fits what you need. Call us at 0401 533 408 to book a free quote.

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