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Why it’s Inevitable to Prepare the Walls Before Painting

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Preparing your walls before painting can be one of the best steps you take in preparing your house for the new paint job. And when it comes to the overall appearance of your house, proper wall preparation can make a big difference in how long that paint job will last and look good. Expert painters Pymble reveal the four important reasons why you should prepare the walls before painting, so that you get the most out of your next house painting project.

To Eliminate Dust and Dirt:

Our houses are often filled with dust and dirt, but you don’t want any of these particles to become embedded in your walls before you paint them. Thoroughly cleaning your walls ensures that no loose dirt or dust will become trapped under your new coat of paint, which can lead to wrinkles and unsightly cracks after it dries. It also eliminates potential paint issues like peeling and fading that can occur if there is dirt on your walls.

To Remove Damaged Paint:

If your walls are in rough shape, it’s best to address them before you cover them with new paint. The old paint is most likely damaged and flaking off. If you try covering up damaged areas with fresh paint, your results will be less than ideal. To ensure a smooth surface for your fresh coat of paint, painters Pymble will scrape away any loose or peeling paint using a scraper or wire brush attachment on an electric drill.

To Reduce the Number of Paint Coats Applied:

This may not seem like a huge deal, but every coat you add to your walls means another layer of drying time and more money in costs. If you’re trying to save money or if you plan on painting multiple rooms, try applying primer first on your walls. It will help fill in any tiny holes or cracks that may be present in your wall, so that when you go to paint, those imperfections will be less visible and your paint will adhere better.

To Ensure Even Distribution of Colour:

The last thing you want is uneven colour on your walls. Qualified house painters Pymble will prepare the surfaces beforehand to make sure that each coat of paint sticks evenly. They will do so by sanding or scraping your walls before applying a primer and two coats of paint. No matter how good you are in house painting, you won’t be able to get uniform colour without preparing your walls.

Preparing your walls before painting them can save you time and money in the long run. Whether you’re painting your bedroom or your living room, never skimp on wall preparation. Hire one of the best painting services Pymble if you want to get the best results.

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