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Paint Colour Ideas to Spice up Your Bedroom

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Did you know that the colour you paint your bedroom walls can influence your mood? Decorating your bedroom can be an exciting and creative process, but choosing the right paint colours can be overwhelming. Making sure it’s cosy and welcoming isn’t just about aesthetics, it’s also about creating an inviting environment in which you can relax and get your best sleep possible. Whether you want to feel relaxed, invigorated or energized when you get into bed at night, these colour ideas from our house painters Edgecliff can help you create a cosy bedroom.

Grey and Black Can Help Create Any Mood

Black, grey and white are becoming more popular as paint colours in bedrooms. Why? Because they don’t draw attention to themselves, but still create a sense of calm and relaxation. Black and grey are especially good at pulling focus away from imperfections in your bedroom’s decor.

Warm Grey and White Is Cosy

According to the seasoned Painters Edgecliff , when decorating your bedroom, colour psychology can be a game-changer. The colours you choose to paint your walls and layer throughout your home can completely change your mood or even adjust how you function each day. When choosing paint colours for my own bedroom, look for colours that will help me feel energised in the morning or de-stress before bedtime.

Yellow Makes You Feel Happy

Studies have shown that people who sleep in yellow rooms fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer than those who sleep in white or blue rooms. Yellow is a warm colour, which mimics sunlight and makes us feel positive. Choose mustard yellow or other subtle shades to really make it work. If you’re worried about how your room will look, don’t be. Yellow paint has a soft finish, so it won’t overpower even large spaces. Its’ a good idea to get colour consultation from Painters in Edgecliff.

Blue Gives You Peace

There’s no doubt that blue has a calming effect on people. If you want to create a bedroom where it’s easy to unwind and fall asleep, consider adding a dash of blue somewhere in your room. This can be as simple as adding curtains or painting walls, or splurging on expensive bedding with a slight pop of blue. Remember: Less is more!

Green Brings In the Good Vibes

A lot of people see green as a calming colour. It can remind you of nature and might help you relax at night before bed. If you want to add in some warmth, look into greens that have a little yellow or red undertones. Alternatively, if you want something that’s going to feel cool and serene, think about adding blues and pinks into your palette instead.

Yellow and Blue Combination Is Serene

There’s something about a soft yellow room that is just so relaxing. Bright, airy bedrooms are becoming increasingly popular with interior designers and homeowners alike. If you have an open concept space or are thinking of repainting your bedroom, you might want to consider a warm, sunny shade of yellow as your focal point. It can be very calming in small doses but also provides just enough energy to keep it from being too relaxing.

Red Will Make Anyone Fall Asleep Right Away

If you want your guests to drift off into dreamland, try red paint. A study shows that people exposed to red lights before bed fall asleep quickly and sleep more deeply than people who are exposed to other colours. This is because red helps promote melatonin production, the hormone that regulates our circadian rhythm. Red will also make your bedroom seem smaller and cosy, so it’s a good choice.

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