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Create a Great Environment That Fosters Learning With These Paint Colours!

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Believe it or not; colours play a key role in influencing learning! Most studies show that colours can significantly impact the learning habits within the classroom and lifelong. Hence, it’s important to choose the right colours for educational institutions. Pick colours that inspire, encourage, and nurture young minds.

Choosing colours for your school or college is more than just an interior design project. So, what colours should you pick? To help you make the most of your next commercial painting Sydney project, our commercial painters Sydney have listed some of the best colours you can paint your school, college, day care, or any educational institution.

Tinted Grey Colour

Grey is a neutral colour that works well in institutional settings like schools. But sometimes, you want to be just a little more unique than grey. Consider using a tinted grey colour if you want to add a bit of warmth and personality to your school’s walls without sacrificing aesthetics. To use tinted greys effectively, stick with medium or light shades rather than deep tones that can overpower hallways and classrooms.  Choose colours such as sea salt, stone grey or steel blue instead of charcoal or ink.

Vibrant Blue

When it comes to schools, students and teachers need bright spaces in which to focus. Blue is a great colour to lighten up your environment and give a youthful feel to your room. But not just any blue will do. Bright blue walls are best paired with soft furnishings, as opposed to items that would compete with your paint colour’s vibrancy.

Earthy Green

Green is a great colour choice if you’re decorating an educational facility for children because it evokes feelings of nature and growth. Many children’s school buildings are painted a shade of green, which makes them feel comfortable and homey. If you want to add that same feeling to your educational facility, choose a shade of green that is reminiscent of leaves or grass. Earthy greens can be lighter or darker depending on how much green vs.

Playful Orange with Black Trim

Some schools choose a brighter colour for part of their facility, often orange or yellow. This makes learning feel fun and bright, but also creates a feeling of focus. Remember to paint only one or two rooms in your school with vibrant colours; if you try to go full-colour, things can quickly get out of hand. If you’re set on full-colour facilities, use black trim throughout other parts of your building (like hallways) to cut down on costs and to add an accent colour.

Classic Red Accent

Red is a great option for classrooms because it provides an energetic, stimulating atmosphere. It’s also easy to match with other hues and simple enough to coordinate with almost any decor or furniture. Try painting one of your classroom walls red, or use a bold red accent wall as a focal point in your space.

Keep in mind that colour changes dramatically depending on lighting; make sure you take some time to experiment with various indoor and outdoor lighting sources to find out how different shades of red look at various times of day. Get colour consultation from commercial painting contractors Sydney.

Painting your facility isn’t about choosing any colour and painting the walls. It requires attention to detail, right from choosing the paint colours to preparing the walls, and using the right painting techniques to clean up. For these reasons, it’s best to hire professional commercial painters Sydney and for better outcome.

Need more painting colour ideas for facility? Please schedule a colour consultation with our painters. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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