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4 Simple Tricks to Maintain Your Home’s Exterior Paint

4 Simple Tricks to Maintain Your Home’s Exterior Paint

An interior or exterior paint job for your house is a huge undertaking. Whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring a painting contractor, you have to spend a significant amount of time and money to get the paint job done. Once it’s complete, you can relax and enjoy the fresh look of your home. And now, you might be wondering how you could extend the longevity of your paint. Fortunately, this guide from expert house painters Wahroonga should be able to help you out:

How to Maintain Exterior Paint?

Follow these 4 simple tips to prolong the life of your paint job:

  • Prevent Mould & Mildew Growth

One of the common problems any homeowner would encounter is the growth of mould and mildew that affects the exterior paint job. In order to prevent this issue, a good quality paint with additives can be used. Such paint products are specifically meant to combat mould and mildew, or prevent them from damaging the surface. You may also contact the expert painters Wahroonga if you need further assistance in this regard.

  • Pressure Washing:

After a specific time, you will notice dirt, dust, and grime being build up on the exterior walls. This situation can be easily resolved by pressure washing your house. Pressure wash after five or six years since the first paint job, as recommended by the experts. Alternatively, you can also use a garden hose once a year to maintain the exterior paint.

  • Eliminate Chalking:

House paints are not just meant to add colour to the surface. It also protects the exterior walls from the elements, such as dirt, dust, and harsh weather conditions. Superior quality paints will bring down the effects of rotting and weathering to a certain extent.

Exterior weather conditions can cause the paint to become chalky. Based on how intense the chalking is, you will need to consider if your house must be repainted. Professional house painters in Wahroonga can inspect the situation and suggest what needs to be done. During the repainting process, the chalky areas will be thoroughly washed before applying a fresh coat.

  • 3 Coat Paint System:

As mentioned earlier, exterior paint is highly vulnerable to various weather conditions such as rain, wind, snowfall, sunlight, etc. Prolonged exposure to these external conditions would cause the paint to peel. This is when a 3 coat system becomes useful. It comprises of a high quality primer, followed by two coats of paint. This additional layer of protection will help retain your paint job, despite the adverse effects of weather.

Using a good quality paint beforehand makes a huge difference in your paint job. Additionally, hire reliable painting services Wahroonga that know how to paint your property the perfect way. Talk to the experts if you have any questions.

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