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Top 4 Signs Your House Paint Job Has Gone Wrong

Top 4 Signs Your House Paint Job Has Gone Wrong

When you hire someone to paint your house, you would expect a perfect paint job that lasts longer. But that’s not what you get when you don’t deal with the right service. Those that are less skilled in house painting will apparently deliver poor results. They would use mediocre quality paint products or even skimp on preparing the surface before painting. By identifying the following signs of a bad paint job, you will be able to know if you should hire professional painters Hills District for repainting.

Visible Stains or Flaws on the Wall:

If the primer applied was insufficient or of the wrong type, you will observe a few flaws remaining on the wall. A primer is supposed to correct all the imperfections on the surface, so that the paint dries and adheres perfectly alongside consistent distribution of colour. A good paint job will last for a few years to come. If there are water stains on the wall, one or two coats of primer shall be applied to prevent discoloration. Only the expert painters Hills District will do this to get the right results.

The Paint appears Blemished or Blistered:

This happens when the paint is applied on a wet or unclean wall. With frequent usage, the interior walls will collect dirt and dust that will impact the paint adhesion. No matter how clean a wall might look, it must be washed before repainting. Once they are cleaned thoroughly, it must be fully dried up before you begin the paint job. If not, you would encounter different issues such as blotches, paint peeling, and more.

Chalking of Paint:

Chalking is a phenomenon where the paint forms a white and powdery film that you can wipe using a brush or your finger. This usually happens on the exterior walls due to the prolonged exposure to sunlight. However, if you notice this happening shortly after repainting, it means either the wall wasn’t prepared or the paint was thinned more than required.

The Paint is Wrinkling or Cracking:

Cracking or wrinkling occurs when a second coat of paint is applied before the first coat dries up. Doing so will produce a pattern of cracks resembling an alligator hide. This is known as alligatoring. Qualified house painters Hills District will know how long they should wait before applying the second paint coat. This depends on the type of paint used and the humidity level of the room. If the room is damp or it’s raining outside, the time taken for drying will be longer than usual.

Whether you need to apply a fresh coat of paint, or repaint the interior or exterior walls of your home, always hire reputable painting services Hills District only. A qualified painter knows the ins and outs of house painting, so you can rest assured that the results will be very appealing.

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