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An Overview of Top Painting Brands in Australia

An Overview of Top Painting Brands in Australia

A fresh coat of paint can make all the difference. It sounds so simple. Isn’t it? But, which paint brand is the best? This is one of the questions that we have been asked frequently by our clients.

Well, we understand that there is a range of paint manufacturers in Australia. It could be overwhelming and stressful to search through dozens of paint charts to pick the right brand and colour, then getting the walls ready, and painting the walls.  It can take a lot of time and energy. That’s why it is best to work with professional house painters when it comes to a painting job. However, if you an ardent DIYer and wanted to paint the walls by yourself, don’t fret. We, Brushworks painters, have a compiled a list of the best paint manufacturers in Australia.

Haymes Paint

A recent survey shows that, Haymes Paint was the only brand that scored the maximum five stars across the categories ranging from ease of application, overall satisfaction of durability, value for money, and quality over other brands. In fact, Haymes Paint has been named as Australia’s number one paint brand by Canstar Blue recently, for the second consecutive year. This family-owned paint brand gives a tough competition to various brands, including Dulux, Taubmans, and British paints. They have a range of paint colours and varieties, making it one-stop-shop for all types of painting applications from architectural interiors and industrial coating to wood and any surface.


Wattyl is an iconic paint brand since 1915 operating both in Australian and New Zealand. Wattyl has also got five stars for durability and ease of application, and four stars in the remaining categories, including the brand’s overall satisfaction. In fact, Wattyl brand’s most famous range is the ‘Solagard’ range that is well suited for the harsh Australian climate.


Dulux is one of Australia and New Zealand’s most recognised and trusted paint brands. One of the most impressive things about Dulux is its paint calculator that helps to eliminate the guesswork out of trying to decide how much paint you will need. This is especially helpful if you are undertaking a DIY paint job. Dulux got five stars in most of categories, except the value for money as it has gained three stars.

British paint

Compared to other brands, British paints received four stars for overall satisfaction and three for other categories. British paints have been operating in Australia for more than 80 years and offer a range of interior and exterior paint that is durable and suitable for the Aussie climate.


Taubmans is one of the oldest paint brands in the market. Yes, they have painting Australian homes for over 110years.  This company has four starts in most of the categories.

Apart from this, there are other brands, including Berger and Solver. When it comes to house paint, look for the quality of finish, value for money, durability, ease of application, and range. If you can’t choose the right colours for your house, we, painters Sydney – Brushworks, can help you. We offer comprehensive painting services all over Sydney that suits your budget and needs.

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