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5 Popular Painting Mistakes Experts Want You to Avoid

Painting Mistakes Experts Want You to Avoid

Applying a fresh coat of paint once in a few years can revitalise your home, inside and out. Most homeowners would prefer doing the painting job themselves in an attempt to save money. However, some of them don’t realise that their lack of knowledge and experience in house painting translates to loss of both time and money. If you do it yourself, you are likely to make several mistakes throughout the process. Here are some of such common DIY painting mistakes listed right below by the expert painters in Sydney Inner West.

Mistake 1: Not Preparing the Surface Before Painting

Before applying a fresh coat of paint, examine the current condition of the painting surface such as walls. Make sure to remove flaking and peeling paint first. If the surface already has a coat of glossy paint, you must remove it with sanding or by using a liquid deglosser. Experienced painters in Sydney Inner West will implement the right measures to prepare the surface before beginning the painting job.

Mistake 2: Picking the Wrong Colour:

This is a major painting mistake that people commit even before beginning their painting project. Some homeowners would simply choose an attractive colour to get the job done. And once it’s applied on the walls, they will start regretting their choice when they realise it looks different than expected.

When you get the assistance of the professional painting service, they will help you make the right choice of paint colour that not just meets your expectations, but perfectly suits your property too.

Mistake 3: Too Much Brushwork

When you are painting doors or cabinets, avoid overbrushing to obtain the perfect finish. Dip the brush into the paint and apply as quickly as possible on the surface. Stroke once or twice, and you’re good to go. When you continue to brush the same surface, even after the paint begins to dry, you will notice awful brush marks appearing on it.

Mistake 4: Not Painting the Ceiling First

So you have completed painting the walls and woodwork, and now you are about to paint the ceiling. What happens next is that the paint drips from the ceiling spoils your new paint job on the walls and everywhere else, which is a nightmare indeed. House painters in Sydney Inner West always paint the ceiling first to avoid this mess.

Mistake 5: Not Using the Right Tools

For some painting jobs, roller is the ideal tool. But for others, a paintbrush will be the perfect option. There are also different kinds of paint brushes that must be chosen based on the surface you are painting on. A professional painter knows what tool and equipment must be used to get the best results.

Hiring experienced and certified painting services in Sydney Inner West is always the best idea to dodge the above mistakes and more. Things could go wrong with a DIY paint project and lead to more expenses down the road. Get in touch with a painting service soon.

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