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Is Primer Necessary For Painting Walls?

Is Primer Necessary For Painting Walls?

With various paints and painting techniques that make painting easier and reduce labour cost, it is very easy to be drawn by all the hype and overlook one of the most important painting stages. Yes, we are talking about primers.

Whether or not to apply a coat of print before the colour coat really depends on the wall. Most projects where you are going to paint over a painted surface do not require primers. However, if you are painting over a surface that has never been painted before, it is necessary to apply a coat of primer. All painters Bronte recommend using primers before painting the walls.

What does a primer do?

Primer is a key element to professional house painters Bronte and decorators work. It is defined as a preparatory coating that should be applied on surfaces prior to any painting activity.

Priming is the foundation of a good painting job. Without primers, it is hard to achieve the perfect finishing. The primer provides a strong base so that the topcoat will bond to. The benefits of priming walls are many, including long-lasting, better protection, and stronger adhesion between painted walls. No surface that won’t be benefited from being primed.

New timber surfaces, plaster, drywall, masonry, metals, and existing paint works that have been rubbed down all can be greatly benefited from being primed. In addition to it, primers are widely used when painting porous materials such as wood and concrete.

Since primers provide a sticky surface, it ensures the top coat is well bonded with the surface and covers wood knots and grains, hides joints, reduce the need for an additional coating to hide the imperfections, and stop colours bleeding through.

In addition to it, primers can aid you in being able to paint surfaces that are unclean as it provides a base for the new paint to go on. It can also be used to create light surfaces over dark colours without putting lot of efforts. There are several primers in the market, and it is essential to choose the right one.

The primer can adhere to the walls as quickly as 24hours after the application. Most primers can last for two weeks. So, you could paint the colours within this timeframe. Get help from the Painters Bronte to choose the right primers.

When you have to prime before painting?

  • Surface is porous
  • Drywall is skim-coated
  • Changing colours from dark to light
  • The previous coat on the surface is too glossy
  • The surface is stained badly

When you may not need a primer?

  • The walls are very clear
  • Painting from one colour to a similar colour
  • Using a paint that has primers

Whether you want to change the colours in your room or office, our painters can help you. We offer high-quality painting services Bronte to residential or commercial properties.

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