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Stunning Living Room Paint Colour Ideas to Inspire Your Next Home Makeover!

Living Room Paint Colour Ideas

Whether you’re bored with your living room or want to spruce up the living area, a fresh coat of paint can make the difference. However, choosing colours can be tricky and challenging. Don’t worry; we, Painters Edgecliff, have the perfect solution for you! We, house painters Edgecliff, rounded up some incredible living room paint colour ideas that will inspire you to take your next home renovation from good to great!

Modern Bright Colours

Pick two colours from your theme or mood board and make them into a paint scheme. One of these can be your main colour, while you can use another as an accent. You can also combine 2-3 smaller shades from your mood board (these will be your accent colours) and use them together in a large patch on one wall. This is called a colour block. Think of it like an artist’s palette, it creates depth and interest without being overwhelming or busy.

Mustard and Green

Let’s kick things off with a big, bold colour. Yellow-green is a complementary (opposite) pair to blue, so it’s no surprise that these two colours make for great decorating partners. If you like mustard or jade-collared decor, then let your walls do all of the talking by giving them a light wash of one of these two greens before pairing them with cooler, more calming shades. A greenish-gravy and soft yellow are some good colour pairs here.


Lavender is one of those quintessential soothing colours that work well in small doses. While you may be better off painting your walls lavender, purple can also be incorporated into a colour scheme as an accent colour. Purple tends to work particularly well when paired with earthy tones and neutrals, such as tans, khakis and browns, though it’s also nice against bright whites or crisp blues.

Yellow & Grey

It’s one of our favourite colour schemes for living rooms. Dark grey can be used as a neutral background on your walls, adding a stylish touch. Light grey works well in accent areas, such as throw pillows and lampshades. You may even wish to use light grey in place of white on your walls, providing extra texture and style without overpowering your room.

Light Blue

Light blues are serene and relaxing, an ideal colour for a calming room. They are also perfect for bedrooms where you want to help set a calm mood and encourage a good night’s sleep. Another great benefit of light blue is that it goes with pretty much any other colour you can think of, so consider mixing it with tans, greens, yellows or even reds.

Neutral Colours for a Classic Look

If you prefer a more subtle living room design, stay away from dark colours. Instead, opt for a neutral colour like cream or white so that your furniture and accessories become focal points. The paler a colour is, the higher contrast it will appear with your other decor items.

Grey & White

A classic colour combination! It’s impossible not to be inspired by grey and white combinations. While there are endless variations, some great colour pairings include grey walls with a bright pop of white on top, or charcoal grey and crisp white curtains. If you’re feeling extra bold, try a classic black-and-white scheme instead.

Need more colour ideas for your next home makeover project? Hire painting services in Edgecliff. Our Painters Edgecliff can provide you colour consultation and help choose the right colours.

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