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First impression creates the best impression.

Remove Paint Before Painting

‘First impression creates the best impression.’ This fact is true especially when you are looking to sell off your home. Even if you have all the facilities in your home, still it might sit stagnant in the market for quite a while. It could be due to the incompetence of grabbing the buyer’s attention. If you are looking to create the first impression in the minds of the buyer, then you need to paint the colours that give a serious punch to the walls. Choosing the right colours can help sell your property soon, while selecting the wrong colour can disgust the buyers.  Read on to understand the paint colours suggested by the painters Pymble that will influence the buyer’s attention –


If you are feeling that your home would sell off soon the market if you painted the exterior walls in a bold colour, then paint it in the shades of yellow. This colour conveys ‘happiness,’ it indicates a happy place of living.  Also, this appealing colour is sure to brighten up your home’s looks and make it stand out in the real estate market. To attract the potential buyers, stick to the pale shades of yellow. The painters Pymble suggest toning down and lightening up the colour to bring this cheerful hue.


Some people might not prefer heavy colours for their taste.  In that case, it is best to have your house painted in a neutral colour to those potential buyers. Off-white is the best choice among those neutral colours which provides a subtle contrast.

Light Blue

If your house is located on a cosy suburban area, fresh colour combinations like light blue and aqua blue can highlight the architectural elements. This beautiful paint scheme is sure to complement the natural surroundings and make it appear bright and cheery. Avail the painting services Pymble to get a clean finish for the walls.


If you are looking to get a timeless look for your home, get the walls painted in shades of grey. This colour doesn’t stick out like yellow or blue colour, while it is not neutral like off-white.  Rather, this grey colour is beautiful and goes well with just about any design or décor. If you are looking to attract a great deal of potential buyers, house painters Pymble recommend painting your walls in grey colour. Grey colour is your best bet.


People look for a comfortable place of living, and wheat colour is sure to bring that relaxed look for your home. This beautiful colour will make your home appear elegant and inviting to the potential home buyers.

Did this article help you find the best paint colour for your home? If it did, get in touch with the best house painter Pymble for quality work, and make your home look at its best!

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