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5 Reasons Wall Paint is Better than Wallpaper for Homes and Businesses

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If you’re in the market for updating your home’s decor, you’ve probably been trying to decide between wallpaper and paints as your interior design solution. While both solutions have their own unique pros and cons, one has stood out to be far superior than the other: paint. Commercial painters Sydney explain the five reasons why wall paint has numerous advantages over wallpaper and how it may just be the right choice for your next renovation project.

Reduces Cleaning Time:

Some paint colours are designed to hide dirt and it’s easier to clean a wall of paint than it is a wall covered in wallpaper. These colours can reduce your cleaning time so you can spend more time doing other things. Choose from many shades and finishes based on your preference. Even better, wall paints can also make your walls brighter and more noticeable.

Relatively Easy to Install:

It’s often easier and faster to paint your walls than it is to hang wallpapers. This doesn’t mean that you won’t need some preparation, but for many homes and businesses, wallpapering is a lengthy process compared with commercial painting Sydney. When renovating your office space, paint contractors will get the job done without delays to ensure minimal business disruptions.

It’s Cheaper:

While it might not seem like you can put a price on style, there’s no doubt that wallpaper is more expensive than paint. Whether or not you hire a professional decorator, it will cost you less to repaint your walls each time you feel like changing things up rather than buying and applying new wallpaper. And if you have kids or pets, chances are they’ll be able to make a mess of your wall paper pretty quickly.

Less Likely to Peel off Walls:

According to the commercial painters Sydney, quality paint is less likely to peel off walls compared to wallpapers. This is especially true when a room’s interior temperature or humidity changes. This means that you’ll get a longer-lasting, more reliable application of paint. Moreover, if you decide to move after applying wallpaper, there are certain risks and expenses associated with taking it down and removing it from your walls.

Complements other Design Elements:

Your chosen paint colour will impact other design elements, from furniture and window treatments to area rugs and other accessories. Just a small change in hue can make a big difference in how things look. When you select the right paint colours, your workspace can be more appealing for your employees, which can even enhance productivity.

Wallpaper has its fans, but in the long run it isn’t the best choice for most homes. While both can be beautiful, wall paint gives you more value and ease of maintenance. Get in touch with reputable commercial painting contractors Sydney for assistance.

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