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How Do You Fix Stress Cracks In Drywall?

Fix Stress Cracks In Drywall

Did you notice unsightly cracks on your drywall? This is a familiar issue with the walls and ceilings, which could happen due to various reasons.  These cracks showing up on the walls can be extremely frustrating and stressful. You might be wondering what it means, and what is happening with your home. Here are a few reasons why cracks happen on your walls and ways to fix them from the professional painters Sydney

Aging of House

Homeowners can expect the normal wear and tear as the house ages. You will also notice hairline cracks around the door and windows. This happens because the ground underneath your foundation shifts slightly due to fluctuations in weather. You need not worry about these slight movements, but they can lead to non-damaging cracks in the weak spots of your walls overtime. The best thing to do is to re-tape and paint using house painters Sydney to restore home’s aesthetics.

Vacant Home

If the home was left vacant for quite a while, or it has been on the market for a while before you bought it, you might see cracks on the walls and ceilings. Though climate influences your home, inappropriate climate control can cause drywall cracks. This is a cosmetic issue, which can be touched by re-taping drywall joints and painting with the help of painters Sydney. In case, if you are looking to buy a home that was empty for a long time, a thorough inspection with the help of a professional foundation inspector can help.


If you notice discolouration or stains on the walls, it means that there are some cracks on the wall and the problem might have resulted due to water damage caused on the walls. This triggers off moisture content into your home’s walls through the roofs or leaky windows causing the dry wall to get wet and deteriorated, leading to cracks on walls. This should be repaired or replaced immediately to avoid further moisture damage.

Repair in Foundation

Do you know, the cracks on walls and ceilings could be due to the damage caused on the foundation. In case, if you witness larger cracks, which is more than quarter-inch wide or see any signs that hampers your foundation, it is time to check your home without any delay. There are a number of issues that happen with the foundation like, inferior construction, termite damage or water damage. To uphold your home’s structural integrity, the foundation issues must be dealt by a professional. So don’t delay the foundation inspection, and perform the repairs at the earliest to avoid worsening of the problems.

If you require home or commercial painters Sydney, get in touch with the experts to paint your space and keep it free from cracks.

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