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What Colour Should You Paint Your Front Porch?

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Home is where the heart lies, and it starts with your home’s front porch. Yes, your porch sets the tone of how your visitors perceive the rest of your house.  Porches make your guest feel warm and greeted, and also help with enhancing the residence’s curb appeal. But, if the paint is chipped or faded, it might ruin the looks of your home. Hence, it is important breathe a new life into your front porch’s potential and convert it into a homey haven. You can achieve this by choosing the right colour choices suggested by the painters Northern Beaches, and transform your ordinary entryway into a greeting area. Ready to restore your front porch with a fresh coat of paint? Here are some suggestions –

  • Soft Greens – Unsure of what colour to choose? Draw inspiration from the colours surrounding the landscape. Soft greens are a great shade to paint the front porches around the house and create a robust and stunning look. You can also paint meadow-inspired green, as it will create an inviting look for the front porch, and without stealing the looks of your gorgeous lawn. The painters Northern Beaches, can also help you choose the right shade for your porch.
  • Blues ShadesHouse painters Northern Beaches recommend going with an eye-catching shade of deep blue, as it makes your front porch look stylish, and makes a bold statement. You can also try with warm shades of blue if your porch is overlooking the garden.
  • Off-White – You can always rely on an off-white paint to upgrade the vibes of your front porch. The experts in painting Northern Beaches say that it goes nicely with the exteriors of any home. As the porch occupy a decent amount of surface area in your home, a neutral hue that mingles with the overall exterior scheme of the house will make it look good.
  • Grey Shades – If you are looking for an urbane and classy paint colour, sleek grey shades will improve your porch’s structural design and details. A serene looking grey-white will elegantly emphasise the architectural elements of your porch and it can be combined will with any colour. Or if you are painting the exteriors with a commanding grey colour on the front porch it will create a soft and versatile look.

Paints can influence the looks and protect your porch from the outdoor elements. In case, if you have used bare wood, apply a primer before painting on the surface. If you are repainting, make sure to sand the surface as it will improve the adhesion. Make sure to apply two coats of paint in the highly-traffic areas. Are you looking to make a bold statement in your home’s entrance, get in touch with the painters Northern Beaches today!

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