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Top 4 Myths about House Painting You Should Never Believe

House Painting

Applying a fresh coat of paint to your house is always refreshing. The way a paint job transforms the look of your space is quite fascinating. It feels as though you are in a brand new home! You can reap the rewards of house painting only when you do it right. Because of several misconceptions being spread within the community, people are not really aware of the right techniques in house painting. Here are the top myths described below by expert painters Edgecliff:

Myth 1: The paint brand you choose doesn’t matter

False! Different brands of paint produce different results. It is imperative that you choose a good quality paint manufactured by a reputable brand, so that your paint doesn’t get damaged too easily. Also remember that there are several types of paints available in the market that are applicable for different types of surfaces. So, take your time to research and choose an appropriate type of paint from a good brand.

Myth 2: The shades on paint colour palette will look just the same on the wall

A paint colour palette is a great tool that helps you to discover the most ideal paint colour for your room(s). However, you should not finalise your decision solely based on what you see on a colour palette. What you need to do is get a sample of the paint and apply it on a test surface to see how it actually appears. Remember that the paint colour could vary depending on lighting conditions too. In order to make anaccurate choice, talk to the expert house painters Edgecliff. They will help you find the right shade that meets your requirement.

Myth 3: Using a primer before painting is not mandatory

Have you ever noticed your paint chipping, cracking, or peeling as soon as the paint job is done? This usually happens when the wall or surface wasn’t prepared and a primer wasn’t used before applying a new coat of paint. Application of primer is important if you want to get high quality and long-lasting results. Professional house painters Edgecliff will always apply a primer to ensure that the paint properly adheres to the wall and that it looks more polished on the surface.

Myth 4: Any paint brush is suitable for a paint job

Using the right paint tools is just as important as choosing the right type of paint. Always make sure that you use a quality brush that enables proper application of paint. Based on your paint project, you will have to use a brush of a certain size and type. Paint brushes aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Hiring a painting company is a lot better, since they know what’s the right tool and equipment required for a particular paint job.

You are likely to make mistakes with a DIY paint job. This is why you should always hire one of the recognised painting services Edgecliff that gets the job done perfectly, while also letting you save your time and money. Talk to the experts today.

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