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The Best Paint Colours For Small Rooms

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Are you living in a small space, and is looking out for every trick to make your room appear bigger? Then using one of the best paint colours for your walls is the right way to make your space appear open and airy. Small rooms are perfect for all types of colour. The right colour can bring life to your home, without making it gloomy. You simply don’t have to settle for white or beiges. Here are a few suggestions from the painters Wahroonga to get inspiration for your home painting project.

Small Bedroom

Bedroom is a place to make you feel cosy and relaxed. So, when you choose a colour for the bedroom, opt for pastel colours, but it can really vary based on your preferred colours to keep you peaceful. The painters Wahroonga recommend trying out warm hues of pink or creamy beige, sky blue, lilac or soft grey.

Small Living Room

Living room is the centre of your home. It is a perfect place to try out bolder colours. If you want your living room to be filled with positive vibes and encourage lively discussions, go with brighter hues like Dark Blue, Off-White, Taupe, Light grey With a White Trim, Super White, Emerald Green, Muted grey, Blueberry, Polo Blue, Onyx, Phoenix Sand, Rectory Red etc. Another option advised by the painters Ryde is to use gunmetal grey, which will add some intensity to the room without suppressing the looks.

Small Kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of your home. It is place where you spend most of your time when at home. You should be looking for colour choices which create liveliness and fun. The painters Inner West suggest using bright yellow, turquoise, blue, forest green etc. You can also try mint green or aqua hues to keep the place a bit muted.

Small Bathroom

For a smaller bathroom, choosing a colour that opens up and make it appear more spacious is essential. You might want to stick to colours that are on the lighter shades like – aqua, icy blue or cream colour to give your bathroom a spa like feel. While if you are looking to get your powder room painted, you can choose bolder colour choices. This will make your room appear big and bright. Whereas colours like peony pink, sapphire blue, gold-toned peach or teal are sure to create a dramatic look.

Choosing the right colour scheme for your home will offer a fresh new look to your home. Get superior service from the best painters to get a unique home design that reflects your tastes, lifestyle, and personality.

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