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Is Painting Kitchen Cabinets A Good Idea?

Interior Kitchen Painting

Kitchen is one of the areas in our house that we spend most of our time, creating the food we love and nostalgia with the people we adore the most. So, our kitchens should be a reflection of creativity and contentment. Renovating the kitchen can be a daunting experience. If the kitchen cabinets are in good shape, getting them painted can be economical. Gone are the days of those sticky painted kitchen cabinet that chips or looks inferior.

Modern paint finishes can rejuvenate your out-dated kitchen, especially with some good paint and your creativity. The design choices are limitless when it comes to painting your kitchen cabinets. You can either brighten up the space with a coat of white paint or add a vibrant touch with bold colour like cobalt. Here are some good suggestions from the painters Eastern Suburbs to consider when painting your kitchen cabinets.

Neutral Colours

The paint colours beige, white and tones of light earth, add a touch of elegance to the kitchen cabinet.  Whether you are looking to paint or put up a wall paper, considering these colours would make the top choice for the kitchen cabinets. Check with your expert house painters eastern suburbs on the kitchen cabinet colours to suit your kitchen wall colours. They will help you find the right shade.

Dual Colour Tone

To get this look, the upper part of the cabinets should be painted in a different colour than the lower cabinets. Though there are a million of colour combinations, some of the colour combination that is most sought after is black colour for the bottom and white on top, or bold colours on the bottom and neutral shade on the top. Having contrast colours from the wall cabinet will also add a unique touch to your kitchen. Discuss with painting services eastern suburbs, on which dual colour tone kitchen cabinet will look good on your kitchen.

Bold Colour Choices

Choosing bold colours for the kitchen cabinets will energise the looks of your kitchen. You can go with emerald, golden yellow, cobalt or any bright colour. But, stay conscious of how it would matchup with the wall colour and other kitchen fixtures. Even if you are looking to go with vibrant cabinets, you must stick to light or neutral colours for the walls, to keep your space appear too dark. The painters Eastern Suburbs should be able to help you choose the right bold colour for the kitchen cabinet.

What Type of Paint should you Use on Kitchen Cabinets?

When painting the kitchen cabinets, go for paint choices that offer a more durable finish. This is because, your cabinets will have to be opened and closed very frequently. Opting for a paint finish with a melamine component will be the best choice for kitchen cabinets, as they are durable. Still, the gloss finish or semi-gloss finish cabinet can also withstand the busy kitchen actions.

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