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6 Perfect Paint Colours that Brighten Your Mood

6 Perfect Paint Colours that Brighten Your Mood

Looking to repaint your house, or trying to pick a paint colour for your new home? Choosing the right paint colour for your property is not easy. Apparently, the signs of colour psychology are worth considering when you want your space to give you peace and comfort. It’s totally worth it to choose different paint colours for different rooms in your house. Curious to know more? Expert painters in Hills District explain how these popular paint colours influence your mood.


A yellow paint is perfect for your kitchen as the colour boosts your energy. So, when you wake up and head to the kitchen to grab a cuppa, this colour brightens you up to face the day. As the sun shines, it makes your space more blissful and lively.


The colour blue makes you feel relaxed, calm and composed. According to research, blue has the ability to reduce blood pressure, minimise stress, and stabilise breathing. This is also why popular social media platforms use blue coloured themes on their websites. Remember to choose the right shade of blue though. Opt for light and warm blues rather than pastel blues to get that gentle and soothing effect.


As more people are working from home in these uncertain times, painting your Home Office green is a great idea. Painters in Hills district say that green colour can reduce anxiety. It can refresh your mind and help you regain composure. Green is also associated with nature, so painting your room with this colour is great for those who love spending their time outdoors.


Orange is the colour of enthusiasm and energy, which is why you should never use an orange paint in your bedroom or living room. Additionally, both orange and red are appetite stimulants, so don’t use these colours in your kitchen either, if you are more conscious about your diet and lifestyle.


Purple is more associated with luxury and royalty. This colour sparks creativity and gives out a romantic vibe as well. If you are choosing this colour for your bedroom, house painters in Hills District suggest choosing lighter shades such as lilac to keep things light and relax your mind.


Red, as you may already know, is often linked to the feelings of romance. At the same time, this colour represents danger and has the ability to raise heartbeat and blood pressure. So never use this colour in a room where you usually relax. You can choose red paints for your social rooms instead, as this colour is great for socialising.

Think what you really want before choosing a paint colour for your home. Still struggling to make a choice? Get quality guidance from the expert house painting services in Hills District today.

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